Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Working on my blog hop pieces and discovering something totally new!

I am working on my jewelry pieces for the blog hop and while making a little creative break on Facebook, I just found a link to  this wonderful blog post by Mary Jane Dodd:

It got me thinking on my way to work and what my intentions are.

You may have noticed that I don't make as much lampwork beads as I used to.
I even forgot my "lampworking anniversary" on March 21st, when now 12 years ago, I made my first bead.
When I started out, I wanted to learn how to make beads to incorporate into my jewelry designs.

A few months later, I discovered rosary making as another way to express my creativity and my faith and quickly I began incorporating lampwork beads into these designs too.

Over the next few years, my focus shifted more and more to rosary making instead of jewelry and in the same time, I made more and more beads, traveled to workshops with international renowned artists to improve my techniques and find my own voice in lampworking.

I was happy dividing my creative time between lampworking and rosary making, although the rosaries always occupied a bigger place in my heart. My intentions are to make the most beautiful rosaries I can to invite people to discover this beautiful prayer and hoping when they own a beautiful rosary, they get to pray it more often. I also make religious inspired jewelry from time to time, mostly with antique and vintage medals.


One and a half year ago, my world was completely shaken when my father died. My father always was my hero, he was a very gentle and encouraging person with strong values and a big heart.
He was old and his health had been very bad for some time, but he died quite suddenly when everyone hoped he was on his way to recovery. I could not work on my torch for weeks because I only cried when I went to my studio he and my husband had built for me.

I could make rosaries but in my prayers and daydreams and even the "real" dreams, I started to see and find pictures of angels and faith inspired art everywhere. I have always had a soft spot for angels and have been collecting holy images since my childhood. I signed up for online collage and drawing classes and for  nearly a year now I have been learning new techniques, buying art supplies and secretly working on these :

What do you think about them? Are they worth showing yet? Or should I better still hide them ...

It does not mean I will give up lampworking altogether, because I really enjoy making beads and with the more rustic and stonelike looks I think I have found my own voice, the problem is time!

I definitely could use a few more hours to spend on creative stuff in my days, so if you know a way to do this, please let me know :-)


Mags said...

I love your angels as well as the gorgeous beads, which came in today :-D
Specially that yellow with green background and notes to it took my fancy! Surely worth of showing and making more of them <3

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

You already know that I am one of your biggest lampwork bead fans! And, your rosaries are gorgeous - I have quite the collection of rosaries myself! Your paintings are absolutely gorgeous - SHOW THEM!

I lost my father 9 1/2 years ago - and the pain is still fresh...

I wish you much success in all of your endeavors!