Friday, December 19, 2014

Making room

Heading into my 12th year in lampworking, I will be making some major changes.

Initially I started making beads because I was a jewelry designer at the time and always searching for new and interesting stuff for my necklaces and bracelets.

I went to craft fairs to sell my jewelry, but then slowly, my life changed.
 I started making beads just for the pleasure of melting glass and opened an etsy shop just for the beads.

At about the same time, I shifted gradually from jewelry making to rosary making as I found my personal niche.

I always kept a rather large stash of beads,either focals or ready made sets for jewelry, in case I would go back to jewelrymaking.
But it has not happened and I am pretty sure it will not happen, because I am very happy with the beadmaking on one side and the rosarymaking on the other.

So I am finally ready to part with all these beads. 

 I will be starting with listing all the focal beads, some are already in my etsy shop  and more will follow.
Over the holidays I will be inspecting my sets to see which ones are still up to date, maybe adding a few beads and making some changes, and create a special shop category for them.

Until Sunday evening you will be able to take advantage of my big 25% off sale. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Last big bead sale for this year :-)

From now on until next Sunday 4th Advent, all the beads in my etsy shop are 25% off! 
No coupon code needed, I used the etsy sale app to put everything on sale.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Big earring listings ahead !

I must admit that my postings here are not quite regular.
I tend to be much more active over on Facebook, so if you happen to be on Facebook too, please consider liking my page there:

I have been working a lot on my sparkling nuggets sets for custom orders but took time last week to go through my earring pair box and it was choking full.
I always hesitate to list these beads on etsy as it is very time consuming to take pictures and list them, compared to larger sets.
I managed to take pictures of 20 pairs tonight, all will be listed tonight. I have at least another 50 pairs of earring beads that have accumulated and need to be listed, all will be done this week so you can order them in time for christmas presents.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Big etsy update tonight

A big update in my etsy shop tonight: even 3 earring bead sets :-)

Monday, August 25, 2014

New sparkling rocks

 The summer holidays are over and new beads will be uploaded to etsy tonight :-)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Coupon code for 25% off continues and major shop update on the way

My etsy shop
 is currently undergoing a few major changes, so I decided to continue the coupon code  NEWCAMERASALE until sunday the 29th of June.

You get 25% off for every order over 20€.

 I need to make room for some new bead styles, as you can see in the pictures here.
I am also in the process of rearranging my shop categories, no longer by color but by bead style.

To comply with the new EU regulations and laws about online selling, my shop policies and my shipping options had to change.
From now on, all packages will be send with registered and insured mail, with worldwide online tracking. 
Unfortunately the shipping charges have gone up, but the good news is it is a flatrate shipping fee:
you will only pay shipping for the first item, for all additional set or focal, shipping is free. 

 Free goodie beads and/or samples of new styles will be included  with every order.
The more beads you buy the more extra beads you will get. 
My choice or leave a comment during checkout :-)

If you have any comments or maybe suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Camera, revamped kiln and a 25%off Coupon for my etsy shop!

You might have noticed that there have not been any new beads lately. 
This has 2 sad reasons. 
First, my beloved Camera G7 which trustedly has made pictures of my rosaries and beads for 8 years, died a sudden death almost 5 weeks ago. It could be revived for a few days, but then I had to let it go. 

Searching for a new one was quite the adventure, but 10 days ago I got a Canon G15 and the learning curve was unexpectedly steep. 
Tons of new functions I don't need and problems to get the camera to work properly with the settings I need..well I also have a new photo tent and I am still learning....

Then 2 days after my camera, my kiln controller broke down. My kiln is well over 10 years old and there were no easy accessible digital controllers around at that time, at least not in my country. So a good friend built me a digital controller from "scratch" using an old computer, writing the programming himself etc. 
Suddenly the computer would not react anymore. I had to wait for our friend to come and visit us ( he lives almost 700km away) for my kiln to get repaired. 

Now everything is back to working order and the first "new" beads are in the kiln. Pictures to follow soon ;-) 

To make up for this long waiting and to make room for the new beads, I offer an exceptional sale in my etsy shop. You get 25% off every order over 20€ with the coupon code NEWCAMERASALE.
Valid until Sunday 22nd June!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party 8 Reveal

Finally, the reveal is here!
I was paired with the very talented Lesley Watt from
She is also a contributing author to my most favorite jewelry blog:
If, after mouthwatering over her gorgeous ceramic pieces and bronze components, you have the need to add some of them to your stash :-)  this way please:

Here is what she sent me:

From all these wonderful parts, I made 2 necklaces. 
The first one showcases her gorgeous ceramic heart focal. It is such a beauty that I wanted to keep the rest very simple, so that nothing distracts from the focal piece. I added the silk Lesley sent me and added a wirewrapped chain with 4mm czech faceted bead and small turquoise green coin beads.

The second necklace was made using Lesley's heart shaped clasp together with the wonderful wire componenets she sent me. I added some of her ceramic beads as accents on the chain and finished off with some of my own lampwork spacer nuggets and round beads. The focal is also one of my own lampwork beads, the colors matching the ceramic beads and the bronze.

And this is what I sent her :-)

Please continue here to visit the other participants:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Working on my blog hop pieces and discovering something totally new!

I am working on my jewelry pieces for the blog hop and while making a little creative break on Facebook, I just found a link to  this wonderful blog post by Mary Jane Dodd:

It got me thinking on my way to work and what my intentions are.

You may have noticed that I don't make as much lampwork beads as I used to.
I even forgot my "lampworking anniversary" on March 21st, when now 12 years ago, I made my first bead.
When I started out, I wanted to learn how to make beads to incorporate into my jewelry designs.

A few months later, I discovered rosary making as another way to express my creativity and my faith and quickly I began incorporating lampwork beads into these designs too.

Over the next few years, my focus shifted more and more to rosary making instead of jewelry and in the same time, I made more and more beads, traveled to workshops with international renowned artists to improve my techniques and find my own voice in lampworking.

I was happy dividing my creative time between lampworking and rosary making, although the rosaries always occupied a bigger place in my heart. My intentions are to make the most beautiful rosaries I can to invite people to discover this beautiful prayer and hoping when they own a beautiful rosary, they get to pray it more often. I also make religious inspired jewelry from time to time, mostly with antique and vintage medals.

One and a half year ago, my world was completely shaken when my father died. My father always was my hero, he was a very gentle and encouraging person with strong values and a big heart.
He was old and his health had been very bad for some time, but he died quite suddenly when everyone hoped he was on his way to recovery. I could not work on my torch for weeks because I only cried when I went to my studio he and my husband had built for me.

I could make rosaries but in my prayers and daydreams and even the "real" dreams, I started to see and find pictures of angels and faith inspired art everywhere. I have always had a soft spot for angels and have been collecting holy images since my childhood. I signed up for online collage and drawing classes and for  nearly a year now I have been learning new techniques, buying art supplies and secretly working on these :

What do you think about them? Are they worth showing yet? Or should I better still hide them ...

It does not mean I will give up lampworking altogether, because I really enjoy making beads and with the more rustic and stonelike looks I think I have found my own voice, the problem is time!

I definitely could use a few more hours to spend on creative stuff in my days, so if you know a way to do this, please let me know :-)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

BSBP8, my package is in the mail!

My partner for this year's BSBP is the wonderful Lesley Watt from

When I discovered it, I was doing the happy dance through my living room, because she is such a great artist.
She makes the most amazing bronze clay work and I own a few of her beautiful clasps, which will never get used, because they are much to beautiful to part with ;-)
You can see more of her work here:

I was very busy last week making the beads I hope will please her and I parted with some silver from my treasure box, but I will not disclose more, as I want the package to be a surprise for her.
As picture, please take a deep look into the blue eyes of my assistant beading manager Flocki

By the way, he has his own Facebook Page :  and would surely be happy to get a few more Likes :-)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Update: Unusual sets

I mostly make nugget shaped and round beads, but I also love flat beads. The above set is made with a lentil press and has beautiful veins. The beads look almost as f they were organic matter, not glass.

These beads are freeformed, a combination of ivory glass and Aurae, a beautiful silver glass from Doublehelix. Their pearlescent shimmer does not come out well on the pictures. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday update... 8 new focals !

All these are now looking for new homes on etsy:

And with the Coupon Code WELCOME2014 you get 20% off!

Monday, January 13, 2014

18 new bead listings today!

My etsy shop has been updated with 18 new listings!
Mostly silvered ivory sets and sparkling nuggets.
 Until January 31st, you get 20% off everything in my shop with the coupon code: