Friday, August 9, 2013

Featured on the Art Bead Scene Blog!!!

The amazing Heather Powers has featured my beads on the Art Bead Scene blog today. I am so overwhelmed and happy and ...well, speechless!, which does not happen very often! ;-) Thank you ♥

The picture above is one of my all lampwork rosaries , well nearly, except for the center and cross ;-)
Making rosaries is my other passion, but I seldom write about it here. I want to keep this blog centered on the beads and not start any spiritual or religious controversy. In case you were interested in taking a look at the rosaries, i have my other blog here . It is in german though ...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A few new focals

A few new focals, for a change, waiting for the new transparent glass rods to arrive so I can work on some new sparkling crystals :-)
All these are looking for new homes here:

Freeformed, with a murrini on each side.

Marquise shaped, frit over fine silver foil.

Freeformed flat, blue frit over turquoise and silver foil.

Freeformed flat,with custom mixed striped cane.

Enamel,Fine silver wire and frit over white. 

Pink and purple frit with enamel over turquoise.