Friday, July 26, 2013

Help! I can't stop making these...

It's really strange!
These beads have kind of been my signature style for the last 5 or 6 years.
I always loved making them and I sold them well at shows or worked into jewelry, but in my etsy shop, nobody seemed to notice.
 Only in the last few months, people seem to notice them and I have sold a few already.
This gave me new motivation to stock up on them in the store and now I cannot stop myself from making them in all different colors.
 I even ordered new transparent glass colors to try out on these. My last order of transparent glass except for clear, must be a few years ago, as I mostly make opaque beads.
So watch out for the new colors in a few weeks when my next glass order will be here from the US!


Shaiha said...

Woah! Now I think that they are gorgeous and would be happy to play with them. I bet that I just haven't hit your shop when I had extra money.

Ann Schroeder said...

I hope you keep making these. They are gorgeous! I just found out about you from the Art Bead Scene Blog. Your work is very beautiful!

Suntsa said...

I love these beads! All kind of colours. All blue colours, also deep red and olive green... I have looked at them so many times in etsy. Now my favourite colours have been sold, but I hope that you keep on going to make them more.

GlassBeadArt said...

Hi Suntsa, new ones will be making their way to etsy this morning. If you would like to have other colours, justletvme know. I take custom orders in these. :-)

Suntsa said...

Oh, I noticed this only now.
I ordered colours bottle blue and amethyst yesterday, and now they have been shipped.:) Thank you very much! Perhaps I´ll buy other colours later. Some olive green and garnet red are still on my mind, but now I haven´t enough money... I´ll be back later. :D