Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My shop update is done now. Coupon code still active!

Phew!!! It was hard work, but now all my listings are updated. The currency is now in € everywhere and will make it easier for my european customers. 
To all my US and Canadian customers: you will still be able to see the prices in USD or Canadian dollars, the only change will be that due to currency fluctuations, the prices might change a little bit every day, but only one or a few cents in either direction. 
As a bonus, I also updated the shipping fees and I was actually able to lower them a little bit, as I found a cheaper supplier for the enveloppes I use.
Also, now every order for a value over 30€ in beads will get a free upgrade to registered and insured shipping.
The coupon code "Euros" which will give you an additional 15% percent off, will be active until June 20th, so if you plan on getting something from my shop, better get it now :-)

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