Friday, April 12, 2013

Presenting my bead soup partner and all the goodies I got :-)

Isn't this the most gorgeous bead soup ever seen? 
So many beautiful beads and pendants, many of them handmade..... I am so in love with every single piece send to me by:
*drumroll* ( I was squeeking with delight when I discovered my partner would be this very famous jewelry designer, whose blog I have been following for ever)

Rebecca Anderson from Songbeads

You can find her stunning jewelry creations here:

but most important, she also has a wonderful etsy supply  shop where you can get beautiful beads and wonderful artsy findings, as the clasp she sent me, a collaboration between her and ceramic artist Bo Hulley( from which she also included some gorgeous ceramic beads)

The golden owl is made by another great artist, Claire Lockwood. she makes the most amazing polymer clay creations. Before discovering her artwork, I was a little apprehensive about polymer clay, recalling  my childhood adventures with fimo...but there is no comparison whatsoever. She also makes message beads and the most gorgeous bunnies ( we have been swapping beads in the meantime, my lampwork beads for her amazing polymer clay.
The amazing owl connector is from Pips Jewellery. She also works in polymer clay, and I especially recommend her bird houses, so cute!!!

Tomorrow morning you will be able to discover the creations made from this wonderful and huge bead soup. 
The moment I opened the package, my mind was racing with ideas and I spent all morning pondering ideas ... but then my daughter came home from school, screamed with delight, took everything upstairs to my studio and started working away.... and I must say I am very proud of what she did :-)


Mags said...

That's a most lovely soup :-) I'll be back to see what you create with it!

Claire Lockwood said...

What a lovely, lovely soup - and it's so nice to see my owl in there!

GlassBeadArt said...

Claire, wait till you see the necklace my daughter has made with your golden owl!

Rebecca said...

Glad you like what you received! It is so long since we sent them, it is fresh to me again - and I still love what I sent you! Hope your daughter had loads of fun :-)

YaY! Jewelry said...

lovely, sweet and understated sophistication. Kristin Oppold