Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bead soup in the mail

No bead  picture for this post..... I will show a picture of my assistant manager instead ;-)

I mailed the package for the 7th bead soup blog hop today...I should have done it earlier but could not leave my bed for a few days due to a bad case of the flu combined with a head cold!
Luckily, all the beads were already made.
I had made 2 matching sets but could not decide on which one to send so I sent both :-)
I am part of the second reveal date, and I am totally excited about it this time, because I got paired with an absolutely amazing artist, Rebecca Anderson from
I have been following her blog for more than a year now and it is a big honor for me, I hope she will like my beads...

Monday, February 4, 2013

New sparkling beads

I have been playing with silver again. These are crystal clear, all covered in silver. When the silver melts, it leaves beautiful sparkling mini droplets of fine silver all over the bead. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture the amazing sparkle with my camera, so the person buying these will get a nice surprise seeing them in real :-)

These beads are now up on etsy: