Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Still no new beads to show...

I am sorry for not posting any new beadies here...but I have not been able to torch these last days.
Every time I sit down at the torch I start thinking about my dad who is severely ill and will have to undergo surgery for stomach cancer although his heart is so weak his cardiologist was not too happy about it but it has to be done. Now that we are waiting for the surgery appointment he got a bronchitis on top. This must be treated first before they can perform the surgery.
During the day I am able to function without too much worrying, but every time I sit down at my torch, these thoughts come and fill my head and I cannot stop worrying.
Since last Friday my bunny boy Flocki is also sick again. The vet cannot find any organic reason but here too we are back to giving meds, feeding through a seringue every few hours,watching out for bunny poop,...
This keeps me from making beads because first I cannot concentrate fully on the glass and also I want my beads to make people happy and not be filled with sadness.
I will continue posting beads on etsy because I have hundreds of them filling several drawer cabinets but working on custom orders is delayed.
I hope for  your understanding.