Friday, February 3, 2012

Turquoise bead set made from vintage glass

Back in spring 2003, when I was just starting out to lampwork, I bought a stash of old vintage glass rods dating back to the 1950's on a flea market. At that time, I had nearly no notions about glass COE and bought the glass because of the beautiful colors.
I learned the hard way that it is not compatible with my usual range of 104 COE so I just made spacers of some rods, others in less beautiful colors got a new life as garden stakes in my herb garden and a few very shocky ones even landed in the trash bag.
Then when I reorganized my studio in 2007 to make room for more glass, I put these in a large drawer and completely forgot about them...
During my latest lampworking pause due to technical issues in January, I used my torch time to clean and rearrange my mess studio and rediscovered these rods.

These beads are a very intense semi translucent brilliant turquoise. I made them all into 11x8mm spacers and got a total of 17 beads from the 3 rods I had left. They are currently looking for a new home here:

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