Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glass and silver wire

These are the last beads made with my 100 foot spool of fine silver wire... I immediately ordered some more but I nearly fainted when I saw the price tag on it now and the one from more than a year ago!!!
When I ran out of the fine silver, I tried some beads with sterling silver(those are still in the kiln, I will show them tomorrow) and some with the new silverfilled wire...
I have made beads with sterling wire before and they turn out darker because of the fire scale but they are nice in their own way and with some patience or a bath in the pickling solution, the firescale can be eliminated.
But the silverfilled wire makes the same results as the silverplated: black muddy halos, because of the copper content... too bad.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Back to normal...

Finally everything is back to normal again.
My daughter had her First Communion last sunday and alll the relatives from my husbands side from Germany had invaded our house for more than a week.
That meant first cleaning like a madwoman before their arrival so that my mother in law could not find one single dust bunny hopping around the house ;-)
Then I had no time for beadmaking or internet during all the time of their visit; I was always busy making last minute preparations for my daughters big day, cooking for more people than there were chairs around our kitchen table..and so on.
But now they are gone, the Big Day was wonderful and I am exhausted...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New beads and experimenting with raw food...

I am out of light turquoise so I gave the dark turquoise a try for these beads. They turned out nice as well although they have a black outline on the silvered ivory band.
These will be on etsy later today:

I am heading to the doctor now for an appointment to check on my knee. I doing quite well already, being able to go the stairs up and down normally, even driving small distances with the car.
Because I suffer already from arthritis in both knees and the doctors only say that I should wait a few more years and then get knee replacement surgery,my physiotherapist recommended trying some alternative therapies like eating only healthy food and this mainly raw,drinking fresh juice and green smoothies, so I have spent much time reading and trying out recipes, which takes lots of time.
If you understand german, you can read about my adventures with this raw food stuff on my
other blog, where I mostly write for family and friends far away about my day to day life( not posting very much ther either) ;-)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New colors for the sugarcoated purple beads

I have been playing around with new color combinations for the purple sugarcoated beads.

These are on a black base and some on orange are still in the kiln, as well as the white ones.

If there are any other color combinations you would like to see , just let me know by adding a comment.