Wednesday, November 23, 2011

From bead to finished necklace

 Once a year, I participate in a little art exposition in my hometown and for that occasion I make jewelry with my own beads, semiprecious gemstones and either sterling, vermeil gold or bronze.
These beads in the top picture were all made with various Double Helix glass and 24Karat gold leaf. They look really pretty on their own and I love making them, although they absolutely do not sell on etsy. I have no idea why... but this time that was not bad because they have become this necklace, which has already been spoken for even before the exposition begins :-)


SilverNikNats said...

really, really beautiful!

somethingunique said...

welcome to the first virtual craft didn't take me long to pick out several sets of your beautiful beads for i will be in touch soon and i look forward to following your blog and it's beady adventures...
take care ttfn Lana :)