Friday, September 9, 2011

More beads with silver wire and a new but lovely obstacle for my torch time

I simply cannot stop making these, actually there are some copper blues in the kiln and more ivory ones of course.

I could have torched for hours and hours today but then i had to make way!!!
My daughter has started to make some beads of her own a few days ago and now each time I am at the torch, she comes around and asks how long I will work, because she wants to make beads herself.
She is 9 and of course knows everything in theory from watching me since she was a baby, but so far she was to much afraid of the flame and only tried a little bit sitting on my lap.
But now the time has come for her to give it a try, and she really has a good hand at it!
She was so proud of her first non-wonky bead and me too. Proud mummy all over ;-)))

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