Friday, July 22, 2011

Some of my never used lampwork tools are looking for a new home

I have recently been cleaning out my studio from tools i had to have at a certain moment but never used or mybe just once or twice. Now they are looking for a new home. 
1. one straigth sided lentil offcenter 32mm press, for 20€

2.a pair of heart tweezers for 4€

3.a bicone squad from cattwalk for 25€

4. one Zooziis unflippable straigth sided lentil together with the mandrels, I have never used it, as you can see on the mandrels in the picture. ( 30€) 

5. bavarian beads small angel wing press for 20€ 8 makes 37x20 and 30x16mm wing)

6.a love triangel heart press from, never used it for 25€

7. 3 graphite optic molds toghether for 30 €

8.a hollow 5mm mandel for blowing shards, a large parallell tweezer from Frantzartglass for 20€


Pretty Things said...

If you post those in the Garage Sale section of, they'll be gone in a snap, especially those presses!

GlassBeadArt said...

I know they would sell quickly over at lampworketc, but unfortunately, I cannot offer them there, because shipping costs to the US are very high

c-glass said...

Hi I would be interested in the Parrell tweezers please
Have you still got them...send what's tge brass block thing with the handkerchief for please x
Much live Claire x

GlassBeadArt said...

Thanks for the comment Claire, but this is a post from more than a year and all the items are gone to new homes . What do you mean by the brass block with handkerchief?