Thursday, July 21, 2011

Many new beads in my etsy store,how this happened and how you can profit ;-)

As some of you may know I initially started lampworking back in march 2003 because I wanted to make beads to use in my jewelry. Quickly, the jewelrymaking part had to make way more and more for intensive and addictive lampworking... over the years I have accumulated a fairly large amount of beads meant for use in my jewelry but I never got to use them.
Now that I have almost stopped making jewelry except for my rosaries and some pieces for myself, friends and family, I am now ready to let some of these beads go.
For starters, I have put several smaller sets of 6 beads on etsy. I plan to add the focals next week and finally some mixed sets I had put together in preparation for jewelry, maybe some of you have the same taste in jewelry and can use these too.

And if you have read so far, I have a treat for you : until tomorrow(friday) evening, I will offer 20 percent discount in the rosary bead ( 6 bead sets) section of my etsy store here:
I will not publish it on etsy, its just for my blog readers ;-)
simply mention "blog reader treat" while payment checkout and i will refund you through paypal.

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steufel said...

That sounds....delicious:-)