Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bead Soup Reloaded Part 1 and Part 2

Yesterday, the mailman unexpectedly rang at our house and it took me some time to go downstairs with my braces...but it was well worth the effort: look what I got!!!
During Bead Soup party day, Linda commented on my bad luck with the beads not arriving in time and the knee problems,and offered to send me a mini soup.
When I opened the package, I was amazed! No mini soup, but a real big soup! And everything in favorite colors! A beautiful flower silver clasp, 2 gorgeous cats, crystal and stone rondelles, and a choice of lovely beads.
She even added 3 of her own handmade hollow lampwork beads...these are really perfect. I added her card to the picture so in case you are looking for some handmade hollow lampwork beads, you must take a look at her site.:
All her other beads are gorgeous too!!!

And this morning came the second great news: I got a phone call from the customs office and my original bead soup package from Penny from Canada finally made it. And the mystery of its long travel has been resolved!
It has been sent with surface mail, which regularly takes 8-12 weeks to arrive., so everything is fine and within the norm. Surface mail, as the guys from the customs told me, really means absolutley no plane traveling, and is currently used for areosols, dangerous chemicals and explosives. So the package really travelled well, across Canada by truck, over the ocean in a ship and across half of Europe by truck again.
Customs here know me already because I regularly get packages from the US and Canada that contain such strange things as glass rods, brass beadstamping forms, silver art clay: all stuff they are not used to see and sometimes have trouble to find the right category to charge duties for.
So, as they got a package for me sent surface mail, they kind of went: what weird stuff did she order this time???
Because I am still unable to drive due to the braces, I will get the package only tonight.
And I will show it to you first thing tomorrow morning!


Rebecca said...

So much soup! WOrth the wait I'm sure. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Courtney said...

Lucky you! Have a great time playing.

Shyme said...

The beads have arrived in Sweden, and thet are just lovely.They are even more beautiful than on the picture. :D

And I must say that it was a lovely bead soup that you got. :)

alice said...

Hang in there with the knee stuff. Trust God- I know you must as you said something about rosaries. I hope you can get back to your passion soon. Your soup was well worth the wait. Can not wait to see what you make.
Alice's Beads and Baubles

alice said...

Also forgot to say- The cats sure are cute!
Alice's Beads and Baubles