Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back to listing beads on etsy

My knee brace does not allow me (yet) to sit for more than half an hour before my legs starts aching, so the torch will have to stay cold for a few more days...but this does not mean that there won't be fresh beads on my etsy.
I have been hoarding many sets of beads that I intend to use in my own jewelry and rosary projects or that I simply could not yet part with, and some of these will now be allowed to find new homes.
The first set is a base of dark ivory decorated with crystal clear polka dots, originally stashed away in my rosary making box and up on etsy now.
The second set is the last one I made before we left for the skiing holiday:
a base of light and creamy lilac, decorated with a silvered ivory stripe and thickly encased. I love how the crystal encasing shows off the veins and structures of the silvered ivory.

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Jen V. said...

So sorry about your knee!! Keeping my fingers crossed that you can avoid surgery. I'm just thankful you can still make some amazingly beautiful beads! haaaaaaaaaa