Friday, February 18, 2011

Silver and ivory

Silver and ivory are 2 of my alltime favorite bead ingredients. I am in love with the beautiful reactions the silver leaf makes on the ivory glass.
I especially love the technique I use in my wishing stone beads, where the ivory base bead is encased in silver, then a stripe of transparent glass is added on top and when the bead is all melted in, there is a shiny silver stripe under the transparent glass that has a great sparkle.
I used to be able to make these and get them right almost every time. But for some time now, everytime I use this technique, the silver burns off even under the encasing... they still look beautiful as you can see in the picture above, but it not the effect I wanted to get.
Finally I found the culprit: it's the silver. My old supplier does not sell silver any more and I had bought a lot of books to keep me going for all the last months. Then I ordered from somebody else and the effect is no longer there.
I could use silver foil instead, that would make the silver more resistent to the heat, but it is a lot more expensive too, so I will have to do more tests.
For the next week though, my torch will remain cold. The winter vacation is here, last day of schoool today and if the weather remains cold and beautiful, we might be doing a lot of outdoor activities.


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Penny said...

Even if the silver isn't cooperating these are still beautiful.

Genea said...

Oh bummer! Sorry to hear that your silver isn't cooperating like it used to. Hmmm very strange. The beads are super gorgeous!