Monday, February 28, 2011

The beads for the giveaway tonight!

Thanks a lot to everyone who leaved comments on the bead soup party post.

Comments are still trickling in, so I will wait a few more hours for all of you living across the big pond;-)
The winner will be announced tomorrow morning my time ( GMT)

Here is a picture of the beads the lucky winner will get, the colors are a little hard to fotograph, especially because of the frosted set, this is light lavender which is colorshifting under artificial light, as here in the picture to a lightly bluish hue. In reality, it is a very pretty light purple color.
These beads are about 12x10mm each.

The spacer set is made from vintage glass rods from the 1950's from an old german glass factory, the rods are half transparent half purple and the beads have a nice variation of transparency to them. Each bead is about 9x11mm.

The focal is 35x25mm and one of my all time favorites: an organic bead beautifully matching the other 2 sets and with a metallic "wing" on one side.

Concerning my doctors visit this morning: a surgery might be avoided ( keeping fingers crossed)and is not in my near future. I am wearing a very futuristic looking device, see first picture above and have to do a lot of specific exercices. At least I am able to sit down, but I have no idea when I will be able to go back to the torch. Guess is is time to go, take pictures and list some of my huge bead stash;-)
Thanks again to all of you who sent good wishes and prayers! They are still greatly appreciated.


Lutka And Co. said...

Hi Maryse!
From a fellow lampworker to another: I'd love to send you a "mini" soup. If you want to take me up on my offer, please e-mail me. My daughter is sporting a custom brace too - torn ACL. She is scheduled for surgery in a couple of weeks during spring break. Keep us posted on your knee & I hope you are feeling better! Sunshine & hugs from Sunny So. CA.

Dee said...

cool them all. Hope your knee is feeling surgery would be very good!

chocoholic said...

Beautiful beads. I came to see your Bead Soup and maybe hit the jackpot!!