Monday, January 17, 2011

The good thing about the flood

All these beads were found, cleaned and are ready to move over on etsy in the next few days!
After the water was gone from my studio, I took some time and cleaned and rearranged everything. First I thougth it might take me one evening but in fact it was the whole week!
It is intimidating how much stuff can be accumulated in nearly 8 years of lampworking:lots of unmarked glass rods, a huge pile of books, articles, bead pictures and tutorials that had to be rearranged and filed, some tools I absolutely had to have, they were used once or twice and now they are lying around in a dark corner.
And finally, tadaa!!! a large box filled with beads. I made them last year and they were intended for a show so I packed them away in order not to get tempted to use them for jewelry myself.
But then somehow I forgot about them and now they are back. Yesterday I spent the afternoon sorting them out and stringing a few into sets.
And tonight is the big night: the torch will be lit for the first time in a newly cleaned studio. Lets hope the bead fairy will be pleased with my work and grant me some good beads to be made :-)

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