Saturday, November 26, 2011

First virtual craft fair..and you can win!

Starting on November 26 and until December 3, Lori Anderson of Pretty Things Blog is hosting an online craft show featuring 70 artists/crafts people. Each day, Lori will be listing all the shops and sales going on which you can view by going to her site.

70 artists are participating and each one of them will have a wonderful giveaway. Many will have discounts in their shops as well. Lori's site will keep you informed of daily updates keep checking into her blog for new featured shops on the virtual crafts show.

I am participating with both my etsy shop with my handmade lampwork beads and my dawanda shop with finished jewelry. Although the dawanda shop is closed until Monday because I am away on a show with my jewelry.
During the days of the virtual craft fair, you will get free shipping wordwide if you mention "virtual craft show" while checking out. I will refund the shipping costs via paypal.
And you can win a gift certificate for 25$ worth either in my etsy shop or in the dawanda shop.

All you need to do is head over to Loris blog and follow the instructions there:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

From bead to finished necklace

 Once a year, I participate in a little art exposition in my hometown and for that occasion I make jewelry with my own beads, semiprecious gemstones and either sterling, vermeil gold or bronze.
These beads in the top picture were all made with various Double Helix glass and 24Karat gold leaf. They look really pretty on their own and I love making them, although they absolutely do not sell on etsy. I have no idea why... but this time that was not bad because they have become this necklace, which has already been spoken for even before the exposition begins :-)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Enamel Dreams

This freeformed nugget shaped beauty is looking for a new home here:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Long time no post... ;-)

Although I did not post here for a long time, I have been busy making lots of new beads.
It is always difficult for me to come up with a good idea for a post and after writing a text and editing a few times, I erase it and leave it for another day..and so the days and weeks go by without a post.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Purple and grey

A new focal bead in grey and purple, softly etched in the tumbler.
I just thought it was a nice color combo, but then I read this post:
and now I know I have made a hip bead ;-)
If you like it too, here it is:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A beautiful new focal...

This focal has been made with Neptune, a wonderful new effetre glass color! I might just buy a few pounds more of it ;-)

Monday, October 3, 2011

New silver wire beads

Lately I have been on a roll making lots of these, and it seems as if the price of the fine silver is finally going down again, what more can I want ?  :-)

Monday, September 26, 2011

A question for my jewelry designing readers...

...what size mandrel do you prefer when incorporating handmade lampwork beads in your designs?
The small 1.6mm size ( 1/16"), the 2mm ( that would be about 5/64") or the 2.6mm ( 3/32") size?
And do you prefer different size holes for regular beads and for focal beads?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yesterday, I was in a purple mood

Purple is one of my favorite glass colors, next to turquoise and dark ivory. 
But all these years I never found a purple I was really happy with. 
Some of the Lauscha purples were too reactive, the effetre was to grey and now I tested CIM's grape ape and am really happy about how it turned out.

 This last set has been left glossy. All these beads are currently up on etsy, looking for a new home ;-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

And 2 more focals...

Initialy I wanted to keep these for myself to work into pendants, but since I only rarely make jewelry anymore, they might as well find another home ;-)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A focal bead, for a change ;-)

Yes, I still make focal beads, I even have lots of them lying in a box waiting to be photographed and uploaded to etsy, but somehow I do not like taking pictures  and listing them. They are much more difficult to photograph, at least for me.
So here is one of the lucky few who have made it outside the box ;-)
It is opal yellow decorated with lots of enamels and fine silver wire, measuring 27x26mm.

Friday, September 9, 2011

More beads with silver wire and a new but lovely obstacle for my torch time

I simply cannot stop making these, actually there are some copper blues in the kiln and more ivory ones of course.

I could have torched for hours and hours today but then i had to make way!!!
My daughter has started to make some beads of her own a few days ago and now each time I am at the torch, she comes around and asks how long I will work, because she wants to make beads herself.
She is 9 and of course knows everything in theory from watching me since she was a baby, but so far she was to much afraid of the flame and only tried a little bit sitting on my lap.
But now the time has come for her to give it a try, and she really has a good hand at it!
She was so proud of her first non-wonky bead and me too. Proud mummy all over ;-)))

Monday, September 5, 2011

More mixed bead sets in new colors!

 I am enjoying it so much making color coordinated sets , I could not stop at the silvered ivory striped beads but had to give my silver moss series beads a try too: the above set is with opal colors.

These are in transparent turquoise and teal...

                                                  opals and green...

and a teal and green mix.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bead mixes as inspiration for your jewelry designs

I did not torch yesterday, it was way too hot. Now that september is here, the summer makes a late comeback: it's nice for our tomatoes which will ripe faster and become more red every day! But our two rabbits did not want to stay outside and were happy to be brought back inside to the cooler living room.

My studio gets morning and midday sun, so it was impossible to work. Instead I spent my initial torch time to go through some piles of my beads and arrange some colourful sets, ready to be made into jewelry. I will put them up on etsy during the weekend.


I must admit it was fun, although I tend to make mostly sets of beads of the same color. This might be about to change ;-)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fresh "old-Style" beads for fall season

After several weeks without torching, I felt quite insecure going back to my studio.... it is always the same; after some time without making beads, I think I have completely lost the feeling and knowledge, but it is not true.
Usually, in fall, I am in focal bead mode and make only few sets, but this year, I decided to change.
This technique is one of my staples, they are simple, yet elegant and can be made in many color combinations. I love to use them for bracelets and simple necklaces. They also look nice when etched to a matte finish but I don't like the feel of matte beads in the jewelry I wear and I thought I might not be the only one... but in case you prefer the etched look, I can etch them for no additional charge.
These 2 sets are in my etsy now, but I gladly take commissions on this style; you choose the colors and number of beads ;-)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Vacation is over...special discount in my etsy shop

We are back from our summer holidays: three weeks full of family fun and celebrations.
First in Germany where my in-laws were having their 50th marriage anniversary. 
Then one week on the belgian coast, great as always an then the best: 5 days in Normandy, France. 
We visited Rouen, the city where Joan of Arc suffered her martyrdom, then Etretat with the wonderful cliff coast.

On the third day we went to the Mont Saint Michel: the most impressive place I have been so far!!!

 The following day, we visited the WWII museum in Arromacnches, the american soldiers cemetery and Ohama Beach and the Pointe du Hoc, where the debarquement of the 6th June 1944 took place.

And the last day was reserved for a visit to St. Therese of Lisieux, one of my favorite saints!

And to make up for the long time I left my blog without new posts, I offer a 15% discount on everything in my etsy store, from now until the End of August., for all my faithful readers !
 Just add "summer vacation discount" when you order and I will refund you through paypal after you have completed the purchase.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sprinkled in white

I have been making a lot of these lately, they are fun and summery!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Some of my never used lampwork tools are looking for a new home

I have recently been cleaning out my studio from tools i had to have at a certain moment but never used or mybe just once or twice. Now they are looking for a new home. 
1. one straigth sided lentil offcenter 32mm press, for 20€

2.a pair of heart tweezers for 4€

3.a bicone squad from cattwalk for 25€

4. one Zooziis unflippable straigth sided lentil together with the mandrels, I have never used it, as you can see on the mandrels in the picture. ( 30€) 

5. bavarian beads small angel wing press for 20€ 8 makes 37x20 and 30x16mm wing)

6.a love triangel heart press from, never used it for 25€

7. 3 graphite optic molds toghether for 30 €

8.a hollow 5mm mandel for blowing shards, a large parallell tweezer from Frantzartglass for 20€