Monday, February 8, 2010

Testing some easy flower bead tutorials...

Last Saturday I took the time to go through some flower bead tutorials I had purchased but never tried before.

Please note that I write only my personal opinion about these and you might have different experiences!

The first one was the sweetheart rose tutorial by everafterartistry.
It is very easy to understand and the the first bead I made was this:

I highle recommend this tutorial for original looking flower buds. The tutorial is easily understandable, there are many detailed pictures and the step by step instructions are easy to follow. There are many pictures with other color combinations and there are two mini tutorials included, one for a small birdie and one for a flower. Plus, the price is very reasonable. The quality of the pictures is best when viewed on the monitor, for printing, they are a tiny bit blurry.

The second one I tried was the "Making Lampwork Flower Buds by Sabrina Koebel"

The original flower shown in the tutorial is elongated, but I prefer the round look and made a fatter core bead to start with.

The instructions are easy to follow and everything is explained very well. For the demonstrated bead, she uses vine stringers but does not explain how to make these. In the tutorial, she recommends buying her tutorial on this technique. Vine stringer is a technique most lampworkers know and several how-to's can be easily found online for free.

The pictures are best when viewed on the monitor, when printed they tend to be a tiny bit blurry.The price is OK.

The third one was the lotos bead from Glas-Ideen I , published by Aleksandra and Matthias Baum. The tutorial is from Sabine Frank and iIcan highly recommend this tutorial and the whole book; you should understand german though...

I did not have the exact colors Sabine recommended so I had to improvise a little bit and the colors did not become so crisp. So I decided to use different colors for every row and was very happy with the result.

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