Monday, February 1, 2010

A few new beads and some good projects to come...

These are the last beads I made before the attack of the virus.
My torch has been deserted for more than a week now. But since I can get up at least a little bit in the last days I started to organize all my lampwork ringbinders where I put the interesting magazine articles and tutorials from all the magazines I subscribe too, those gleaned from the worldwide web and the tutorials I have purchase from several lampwork artists.
Wow...I never thought i had so much stuff accumulated and not even counting the notes I took from all the workshops I had been taking those last 6 years...if I really want to try everything I need much more torch time and more hours to my days!!!
So I have decided to take one day at least every other week to dedicate to experimenting with new techniques or exploring in depth one of those many tutorials and share my results, successes and disasters with you.
The first subject will be on flower beads.

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